We don’t just practice family law, we wrote the book.

Actually, two of them. A recognized expert in the field of family law, Barbara Zulick is co-author of Pennsylvania Support Practice and Pennsylvania Divorce Code Annotated, both published by Bisel. These textbooks, written for lawyers, have become the guide books in all areas of family law.


Family Law

  * Child Custody
  * Child Support
  * Parenting Plans
  * Post Decree Modifications
  * Prenuptial Agreements
  * Property Division
  * Spousal Support and Alimony

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Collaborative Divorce and Mediation

A collaborative divorce offers three other tangible benefits. First, the parties may hire only one expert for the process, rather than two. Second, their agreement may address matters that are not contained in the law. For example, the parties may agree on the payment of college expenses for the children, although they are not required to pay these expenses, under Pennsylvania law. Third, the parties may create their own solutions, rather than be directed to comply by a fact-finder.

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